За своята 10- годишнина раздаваме 110 награди

Кристина Громова

There are many reasons why people travel: to get to know another peoples’ culture, their language, way of life, the pursuit of the new experiences, the opportunity to make new friends, sometimes to meet their destiny…

Any of these reasons to travel are inextricably linked with the knowledge of national CUISINE, feature and culture of eating, i.e. GASTRONOMY! You can even see the similarities between people and what they are eating:

bright Indians and meals with lots of colorful curry spices; traditions of the Japanese life and permanent sushi; exquisite French and crunchy flavorous baguettes; warm Turkish welcome and a memorable Turkish tea; spiritual Russians and handmade and “made-with-heart” meat dumplings; hot Mexicans and spicy nachos; the Americans that take one day at a time and fast food!

It is impossible not to agree to the statement: NATIONAL CUISINE – IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO COGNIZE NATIONAL CHARACTER!